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Lets Talk Weightlifting!!!
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 Another newbie just starting out

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PostSubject: Another newbie just starting out   Mon May 25, 2009 10:30 am

What's up, I am a Marine (active duty) and I have been crack head skinny and a runner for the majority of my life. My knees started to act up so I decreased my running to minimal. I started gaining a lot of weight. The wrong kind and Texas BBQ sure as hell doesn't help. I avoided the weights for years because I was afraid of being the weak guy in the gym and I had no idea what the hell to do even if I went. It wasn't from a lack of being invited either. I covered that fear by being a running fool. Well this is how it all started. My step Dad said to me in January. Hey man you're getting fat I remember you used to be in good shape. He could have shot me in the heart with a rusty nail and it would have hurt less. GODDAMMIT THAT'S IT!!!!! That was the last straw. Coincidentally, one of my Marines got the shop free passes to her gym the same week. She challenged us to go to her spin class. We went and I liked it. It was an ass kicker no doubt. Then I happened to read a magazine that had a very basic full body workout of eight exercises with explanations on how to do them. Deadlift and front squat being two of them. So I decided to try it. Talk about being humbled but I took a liking to the workout especially the two I mentioned despite how taxing they are. I have been reading and asking questions so far. I'm making progress and I feel much better including my knees. I'm still very inexperienced and humble and open to any and all advice. I've been reading the belt vs no belt debate... I think I'm gonna get a belt. I've been lifting without one so far. It can't hurt to at least try it out. I would have never thought I would love the gym as much as I do. Take Care all be safe and Semper Fidelis
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PostSubject: Re: Another newbie just starting out   Mon May 25, 2009 2:30 pm

Welcome from another newbie.

Sure do wish they would change the colors though, the red on black is hard on the eyes.
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Another newbie just starting out
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